Fertilization & Weed Control

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Lawn Care Services in Bloomington, MN

Fertilization and weed control are both important parts of lawn care, and are crucial to help you maintain the pristine, healthy green lawn we know you want. Fertilization is the best way to promote healthy growth and keep your grass growing to its optimal ability. Weeds are just unsightly and can ruin the carefully cultivated look you are trying to achieve with your lawn. They often grow as a result of poor maintenance practices. We offer both lawn fertilization and weed control as part of our overall lawn care experience. 

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing your lawn is imperative for it remain healthy and growing strong. Your soil can help provide your lawn with some of the nutrients it needs to grow, but not all of it and not all year round. Fertilizing your lawn is important to keep your lawn healthy for this reason. Regular fertilizing of your lawn provides it with a number of benefits. It helps promote leaf and root growth. It can also help your lawn recover more quickly from intense foot traffic, that may cause damage, and any pest problems. Best of all, it helps to prevent the growth and spread of weeds. 

Lawn Weed Control

We know there’s no better feeling you get than we you sit back and really admire your perfectly maintained, healthy green lawn. It can really enhance the look and feel of your home. This is until unsightly and nasty weeds start to grow in it and overtake your lawn. Weeds can begin to appear for a range of different reasons, often improper lawn maintenance when it comes to mowing, irrigation or fertilization. You don’t need to let anything ruin your lawn, though. We provide a weed treatment for lawns that is guaranteed to get rid of any nasty infestation and make your lawn pristine again. 

Range of Methods and Experiences
Weeds can cause a range of problems for your lawn and ruin all your hard work to maintain it and keep it looking visually appealing. We know you don’t want to see all your hard work underdone, so we offer a real solution. When it comes to weed control, we’ve seen and done it all. We have a range of methods to tackle the problem, not matter the obstacles and challenges. Why not trust someone with real experience and knowledge to get the job done effectively? 

Prevention of Weeds  
Prevention is better than a cure as they say. So why not let us help you prevent weeds before they even begin to appear? Proper, professional maintenance of your lawn can significantly lower the chances of weeds appearing in your lawn. The root cause of weeds growing in the first place is often improper practices when it comes to mowing, watering and fertilizing. Beyond this, we also have a range of other techniques and tricks, all designed to help your lawn grow strong and avoid any weeds from taking root and ruining the aesthetics of your lawn.

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