Core Aeration & Lawn Dethatching

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Aeration & Dethatching Bloomington, MN

Aeration is a naturally occurring process that your lawn experiences. It is a term used for the exchange of air between the soil and the surrounding environment, which is necessary for the grass to grow in a healthy and strong fashion. It also the term used for the mechanical, man made way that is designed to speed us this natural process and keep things really going. The term core aeration might also be used for this process too. This natural aeration can often be disturbed over time, and your lawn requires core aeration to get things going again. 

Core Aeration

Lawn aeration is process that can be important in helping you maintain a lush, healthy lawn. This a when plugs are removed from your soil to help loosen it up. This allows all the vital nutrients your grass needs, air, water and other nutrients to get into the roots system. Aeration is simply a natural process but is also the term used for technique mentioned above, as this assists the natural process to occur more easily. We provide a lawn aeration services as a part of our wider lawn care branch. Get your grass aerated and really see the benefits. 

What Do You Need Lawn Aeration?

Aerating your lawn gives it a number of great advantages. The aeration process helps to loosen up soil that is too compact. If your soil is too compact this can prevent your grass from growing a healthy roots system and it also prevents water and fertilizer from reaching the roots system. This means your lawn isn’t as healthy as it could be. Aeration can solve both of these problems and improve the overall health of your lawn. It also means your lawn can require less maintenance in the long run. 

How Often Should I Aerate?

Most lawns probably require an aeration once a year, to really get all the benefits. This is subject to the amount of use and the type of soil you have. It can also be affected by how much traffic your lawn experiences. Heavily traversed lawns might need bi-annual aeration, for example. This might also be relevant advice if you have a real heavy clay soil too. Whatever the case, we can help you to determined if, and when, your lawn needs aeration, to really keep it going strong. 

Lawn Dethatching

Thatch is a layer of grass, sometimes dead grass, that can form between the soil and the regular, healthy part of your lawn. A little thatch is actually a benefit it provides insulation and can help your lawn retain moisture better. If too much thatch builds up though, it can begin to cause problems. This can include disease and pest issues. Once the thatch layer builds up beyond a regular level, you need to get your lawn dethatched. This is when this layer of organic, composting material is removed, so you can avoid any problems it might. We provide lawn dethatching as part of our service, so don’t need to worry about any problems occurring. 

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