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You work hard to get your home just the way you like it. You work hard to maintain the visual appeal of your home. You work hard to provide everything for your family. The short of it is this, you work hard. And we know that. We think you deserve time to relax and enjoy life as well, though. It’s this belief and principle that really guides us here at Bloomington Lawn Care. Weekends are often the perfect time, but this is usually when your home demands you work even harder to maintain things, especially in your yard. You are often forced to spend your downtime doing thankless tasks and chores in your yard as a result. We don’t think this is fair. Not after you’ve worked so hard all week already. That’s where we come in. We do all the things around your yard that need to get done, so you can spend your well earned free time relaxing. Now that’s a better result. 

We know that your home can be little overwhelming with the amount of work it can require. There’s your lawn that needs care. Your yard often needs cleaning. You might even want some landscaping done to increase the appeal of your home. Whether it’s landscaping, lawn care or a yard clean up, you don’t need to waste your weekends doing it anymore. Relax and enjoy yourself more. Get more out of your precious free time and let us do the hard work. 

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